Muscle Aches

Genital Herpes

Some individuals develop other signs of herpes infection, particularly with the first episode, including fever, muscle aches, headaches (may be severe), vaginal discharge, painful urination, and swollen and tender lymph glands in the groin (glands swell as the body tries to fight the infection).

If the disease returns, later outbreaks generally have much less severe symptoms.

More About Genital Herpes Symptoms


Symptoms of secondary syphilis develop two to 10 weeks after the first chancre sore appears.

Symptoms may include a skin rash that causes small reddish-brown sores, fever, fatigue, general feeling of discomfort, soreness, and aching. If the patient does not receive treatment during this stage, symptoms may go away within a few weeks or repeatedly go away and come back for as long as one year.

Even if symptoms are not present, the infection will continue to worsen without treatment.

All Syphilis Symptoms and Complications

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