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Oral Cancers Linked to HPV on the Rise

According to a new government study, the rate of HPV linked oral cancers rose considerably over the last two decades in the United States. With over 20 million Americans currently infected with Human papillomavirus, and 6 million more more people every year, approximately 50% of sexually active people in the US will get HPV at some point in their lives. >>Read more

Dating with Genital Herpes

Most of us shudder at the thought of passing a disease to someone we care about, especially one they will have to spend the rest of their life with; however, when you’re dating with genital herpes with someone who hasn’t contracted the virus, that’s exactly what you’re risking. >>Read More

Genital Herpes: The Truth Revealed

So what’s the truth about genital herpes? The CDC estimates that one in six people ages 14-49 have HSV-2, and many people have such mild symptoms that they don’t even know they have contracted the genital herpes virus. The truth is, if you’re sexually active with multiple partners, especially if you’re having unprotected sex, it’s time to get tested for STDs. >>Read more

I’ve Got a Rash: My Genital Herpes Scare

We recently caught up with close friend of the Safepositive family Walter to get his account of a recent STD scare. “I woke up with a rash…I had an itch as well, and not your typical itch either. Do you know that itch that feels like an rash? It’s distinctly different than just any itch, and you recognize that immediately. It was alarming, to say the least.” >>Read more

Practice Like a Porn Star to Prevent STDs

Pornography might not have much morally right about it, but there is one valuable lesson those of us who are sexually active can learn from porn stars that no one can argue: Porn stars get tested for sexually transmitted diseases at least once per month. >>Read more

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