About SafePositive.com

Dear Positive Community,

SafePositive.com, while primarily concerned with providing a safe, confidential means to find love + delivering the most authentic, relevant STD/STI health news & information, is also constantly working to create and deliver to you, the Positive community, new online tools that are helpful, useful, or simply fun. However, at all times, SafePositive.com guarantees a few things:


Your name, pictures, friends, address(es), condition(s), history, and anything else you do not purposefully broadcast on our site, and wish to remain confidential, will remain confidential.  We Guarantee it: Confidentiality Guarantee

Anything you feel inclined to post about and/or reply to is first reviewed by the technical staff, then by the founder and owner of SafePositive.com personally, then once again by our editorial staff.

In the unlikely event your identity is compromised, and we are either wholly, or even partly, responsible, we will work with SafePositive.com identity recovery partners, sparing no expense to attempt to recover and repair everything that’s been compromised. More about the SafePositiveConfidentiality Guarantee’

A Positive message

No matter how bad it seems, a negative attitude is counter-productive, and we want to reflect that in our message.


SafePositive.com is designed to cater to the needs of the positive community, but we need your help.  We guarantee that we will do everything possible to serve you, and the entire positive community, but we can’t without your input.

If you have any questions, if you feel we may be of any assistance, or if you feel there’s something we should be doing differently, email us. We won’t ignore your email-if we do, call us out on it: 1.800.515.2279

If there’s something we’re doing right, let us know!  Besides enjoying an occasional pat on the back, we need to know what’s working in order to better serve you.