I’ve Got a Rash: My Genital Herpes Scare

We recently caught up with close friend of the Safepositive family Walter to get his account of a recent STD scare.

SP: Walter, what were the details surrounding your scare?

Walter: I was in Atlantic City attending my close friend’s bachelor party, and I woke up with a rash on the shaft and tip of my penis. I had  an itch as well, and not your typical itch either. Do you know that itch that feels like an rash? It’s distinctly different than just any itch, and you recognize that immediately. It was alarming, to say the least.

SP: So you were attending a bachelor party…Where do I begin?

Walter: (Laughing) I know what you’re thinking, but this was, for the most part, an innocent bachelor party. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant in the Tropicana casino and spent the rest of the night partying and catching up since many of us hadn’t seen each other in some time. We may have been guilty of drinking and gambling a bit too much, but we didn’t even go to a strip club!

SP: Are you saying you didn’t have any sexual contact that night?

Walter: That’s exactly what I’m saying!

SP: Why did you think you had an STD?

Walter: I knew that sometimes it takes a while for an STD to show up, and I had never been tested. I’ve had unprotected sex with enough partners that I should have been tested long ago, and despite numerous attempts from the fine people at Safepositive, I ignored. I didn’t have any symptoms and just assumed I was clean.

SP: A very common assumption, indeed. What did you do next?

Walter: I was freaked out. I hoped it was just a rash, but the thought that it was an STD kept creeping up. I went to an urgent care facility and had an STD test the next day.

SP: How did it go?

Walter: I was really nervous about the test. For one thing, I was really scared I had an STD, but I was also terrified of the actual process of being tested for STDs. I had read about it and assumed it was excruciatingly painful.

SP: And was it?

Walter: Not at all. You’re asked to hold your penis while they insert a cue tip into the tip and do a swab. It sounds a lot worse then it is and honestly, I barely felt it. Best of all, the doctors were very professional and kind. They reassured me that they did not think it was an STD, but that I was doing the right thing getting a test, especially with my somewhat promiscuous past.

SP: When did you get the results?

Walter: Very quickly, maybe a couple of days. All negative, except HSV-1 which I was aware of and pretty sure I got it at a Dave Matthews concert in high school.  Turns out the shenanigans weren’t really worth dealing with cold sores for the rest of my life, but I guess it could have been worse.

SP: And the rash?

Walter: Turns out it was just a case of jock itch. I picked up clotrimazole antifungal cream at the local pharmacy and it cleaned it up in about a week. I’m still glad I got tested, though. For those out there who are scared of an STD test, don’t be.

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