Practice like a Porn Star to Prevent STDs

practice like pornPornography might not have much morally right about it, but there is one valuable lesson those of us who are sexually active can learn from porn stars that no one can argue: Porn stars get tested for sexually transmitted diseases at least once per month. As reported by CNN, prior to shooting the actor/actress can go online and look up their future partner’s results or, perhaps even better, look at their colleague’s results on paper before the shoot.

Most people who contract an STD experience mild symptoms and/or no symptoms at all, and as a result most people aren’t aware that they have a sexually transmitted disease. While condoms do drastically lower the risk of contracting an STD, your only 100% effective way of avoiding an STD is abstinence. If you decide to engage in sexual activity, always use a condom. Remember that while contracting an STD during oral sex is much less likely than during genital to genital contact, it is still possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Wouldn’t it be nice to able to look at your partner’s results online or physically view it on paper?  STDs are clearly a rising concern in today’s world, so talking about it doesn’t have to be an issue. Make it clear to your partner that you always use condoms regardless of the myriad of excuses one might come up with. Bring up recent negative test results, take a stab at which Hollywood star recently spread an STD, whatever.  Just talk about it.

It only takes one bad decision. Don’t let one night affect the rest of your life. Try to focus on the big picture, and while that one night stand might seem tempting, the juice may not be worth the squeeze. If you must, make sure you practice like a porn star and get tested once a month and always use condoms.

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