HIV Wikis

In the past two decades gathering information has gone from the snail’s pace of collecting data via print media to the instantaneous bank of knowledge that is the Internet. News from all over the globe spreads like wildfire through social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and many first-class newspapers now have a staff of satellite bloggers who create a hub within a trusted news source to keep readers abreast of the most current events.

With the explosion in demand for interactive discussions to respond to this real-time flurry of remotely accessed information, collaborative web sites emerged, offering a unique Encyclopedia-like presence where academics and fact-finders alike can convene. The beauty of these collaborative sites is that they’re simple to build, have easy-to-use formats for maintenance, and are 100% free.

The Wiki

These collaborative web sites are known as wikis. Anyone who has spent more than a few hours on the Internet searching for information has undoubtedly come across Wikipedia, one of many online wikis. Wikipedia is the most recognizable wiki on the Web, housingĀ more than 75,000 active contributors who work on more than 9,000,000 articles.

HIV/AIDS and Wiki

With so many people from all walks of life and all locations around the world affected by HIV/AIDS, there’s been an understandable outpouring of support to spread factual information and work towards the eradication of the virus.

Many HIV/AIDS organizations and special interest groups have successfully developed their own wikis to allow organization members, as well as the general public, to create fact sheets, post timely research studies, and write grant applications. These are only a few of the many advantages that HIV/AIDS advocates have found when using a wiki for their online presence.

Great HIV Wikis

These next few examples of HIV/AIDS wikis have been chosen for their integrity, up to date information, and unique spot in the HIV/AIDS online consortium.


TrustAfrica is a broad-based foundation committed to furthering democracy and acting as a catalyst for the initiative to Strengthen African Engagement with the Global HIV/AIDS Establishment.

Peace Corps Wiki

The Peace Corps is a key partner and implementer of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which provides assistance to countries most affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The Gay History Wiki

This wiki collects the histories of gay men and their allies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA between 1960 and the present. It is intended to document the organizations, bars, culture and social networks created by these men.

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