Genital Herpes News

CDC Analysis of National Herpes Prevalence April 2010

Some recent media reports have questioned the accuracy of CDC’s latest report on national herpes prevalence (herpes simplex virus type 2, or HSV-2).  HSV-2 is a lifelong and incurable infection that can cause recurrent and painful genital sores and can make those infected with the virus two-to-three times more likely to acquire HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.   Read More

Alarming CDC study draws fire

In early autumn of 2010 the CDC came out with its findings on the national prevalence of genital herpes (HSV-2). The results were disquieting, particularly the incidence in the female African-American population. While the overall national percentage of individuals testing positive for Genital Herpes remains high (16.2%), the figure for African-American women was found to be a whopping 48%.

In response to the release of this study, some people — both professional and laypeople — are now questioning the methodology by which the CDC collected samples for this study and how we, the general public, ought to interpret them. Read More>>