Foursquare releases STD Test Badge

STD testingThe popular app Foursquare recently released an STD test badge allowing members to tell their friends they checked into a testing facility for STDs. While Tristan Walker, head of business development for Foursquare, received some backlash initially due to the seemingly private nature of being tested, Walker did a great job explaining why this can work.

MTV, Foursquare’s partner, came to them with the bold idea in an effort to try to motivate people to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. According to Walker, “Foursquare is really trying to inspire people to do interesting things in their cities, whether it’s getting you to go to the gym more or take public transit more.” This is Foursquare’s latest effort to encourage people to do positive things they normally might not do.

Many were quick to dismiss this idea due to the taboo aura that surrounds STDs, using the line of thought that people would assume the worst if someone was seen “checking in at a testing center.” And hey, its a valid argument. That’s why this might be an important step in changing that way of thought, hopefully making this less taboo and hence an easier topic to talk about. What if we all had an STD Test Badge telling when we were last tested? Wouldn’t it be nice to know when and if a dating prospect was tested, and also to have a way to segue into the conversation?

If you are a member of Foursquare, be the first to unlock this badge and tell your friends and followers why you did. Do your part to make STD testing a more important issue and an easier topic to discuss. To sign up for Foursquare, go to

To find a testing center near you, click here